The placebo effect on physical

The placebo effect is real. Faith will increase your likelihood of success regardless of the effort. Psyche will always be an ace up his sleeve for the physical. Psyche will directly influence how the physical and performance.

one study

“New England Journal of Medicine” published a study examining the effectiveness of arthroscopic surgery on people who had arthritis in the knee. 180 patients did arthroscopic surgery knee surgery or a placebo. In other words, some of them had done a proper surgery, while others just thought they were undergoing surgery, but in reality it only made an incision in the skin to fool them that the surgery took place.

Patients were then monitored for 24 months to see improvements in knee function and reduce pain. Both groups of patients, both those receiving the placebo and the action has been performed, have performed better, with parameters improve. Surprisingly, patients in the group that has been performed, did not report better results than the placebo group. All patients believed and so all were cured. The study has implications far greater than arthroscopic surgery. If you do, you succeed! Conclusion : mental state can create the same results as surgery. Maybe it’s time to put your beliefs under the scalpel, and to transform yourself both mentally and physically in what you want to be.

The placebo effect

The placebo effect is a kind mystical faith, a faith that works wonders. The placebo effect is itself a physiological response as can be real. The effect can be amplified depending on the condition being treated invasiveness matching placebo, environment and expectations patient receiving placebo.

For example, the placebo effect of reducing pain is the result of endogenous opioid release endorphins (secreted by the body) and endocannabinoids. In other words, faith gives you a dose of morphine. Expected results and faith provides the effect. Expecting to reduce pain, reduce pain. The placebo effect directly influences the brain to release substances similar to drugs, without the risk of addiction and negative effects. Faith can act as some drugs and hard drugs. If you use this mentality and you apply it to have more muscle and a greater force? If you do it right the results will be better than expected. Eventually, the mind and body are interconnected, as demonstrated by scientists.

Practical applications of placebo effect on physical

There are reports of some real cases, when kids for 15 years, raised heavy objects, such as the front of a car two tons when they were trapped underneath loved. Proper mental attitude is critical when lifting heavy loads. The famous biochemist Vladimir Zatsiorsky said that most of the people they use only 65% of the population who are able muscles. Professional athletes focused on strength, as weightlifters, can use 80% of their strength, and sometimes up to 90% during competitions. Mind limits the body, and the two are inseparable unit. If you are weak mentally, and physically you will be weak . I’m not saying that every workout should push yourself to the absolute maximum, that you risk your health. Too much fatigue is not recommended, it will “fry” central nervous system. But the workouts are concentrated to the maximum on what you do, executed in an aggressive manner, I can go up to 80% of capacity muscle. During maximum exertion of force is the maximum force that can be produced in voluntary conditions.Absolute power is the greatest force that can be produced by muscle, involuntary conditions, and can be measured only in laboratory conditions.

To achieve absolute power is almost impossible, and most of the people do not even come near it. To be different, and advance as much to this force absolute need to have the right mental state.

It is known that the force is given by the number of muscle fibers operated simultaneously. This function, activation of muscle fibers, rests entirely with the nervous system. A mentally imagine you as you lift weights very large, or talk to yourself , encourage yourself, can act more muscle fibers, increasing the strength. Thus you can lift heavier weights, and this will lead to greater muscle mass.

Concenteraza yourself on what to do and visualize yourself succeeding. For 20 minutes a day relax and imagine yourself as you want to be: with force, working with heavy and showing how you want to look. You will realize that only through relaxation – breathe deeply and relax. The more vivid images, the more real experience. With experience more real, the more transferable in reality.

Brain activity precedes movements, and those movements is very important to be mentally visualized before being made physically. Visualization techniques have been used for decades by top coaches ex-Soviet and then began to spread worldwide, is currently used by all elite coaches. Being able to visualize you the right technique is crucial to be able to use heavy.

emotional state

Your emotional state, directly affects performance. Usually affected are:

  • increased secretion of adrenaline;
  • intensification of muscle nerve discharges;
  • irradiation nerve impulses from muscles neighbors, who are not involved directly in performing movement;
  • severe depression, anxiety or fear tend to fall perfromantele sports.

We’ve noticed that if you approach an exercise in fear of large used hardships, chances are you will not succeed.Concentration and discipline are required to have performance and grow. Visualize yourself succeeding and not be intimidated by weights.

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To be the best fighter, bodybuilder or math teacher, you have to see in that posture. There is a futile exercise to feel good. That will make the body to secrete substances similar to drugs or drugs that will help you get to the next level.Set a goal and go after it! Man has built a successful mechanism that does not work effectively if you do not fight for what you want. And remember to be specific – to make money this year is not an end; 4 to win a sum of zeros is.

A squirrel who never went through a whole winter will know instinctively make their food supplies. So will you, you have in this mechanism: the success born success.

The central nervous system can not tell the difference between real experience and one imagined. The more vivid imagination, the more real experience. Make your mind to work and physical mechanisms will act too.


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